Can You Get A Breast Lift Without Scars?

Can You Get A Breast Lift Without Scars
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If you’re considering a breast lift or any sort of cosmetic enhancement surgery, you’re probably wondering just how noticeable the scars left behind from the procedure can be. One of the main factors that hold people back from breast surgery, especially breast lift, is the thought that you will be left with a noticeable scar for the rest of your life.

The amount of scarring left after breast augmentation surgery depends on the type of surgery the surgeon performs. How much residual scarring is left after breast augmentation surgery depends on many factors, including the technique used during the procedure? Post-operative scarring is a major concern for many people considering cosmetic surgery, and breast augmentation surgery (mammopexy) is no exception.

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While all types of surgery involve some degree of residual scarring, our experienced plastic surgeon can often make breast lift surgery scars as light and inconspicuous as possible. Our plastic surgeons will not only make breast lift incisions in hard-to-reach areas but will also help you understand what to expect from scars over time. As a surgical procedure, some incisions will be made to treat the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest; however, with the latest technology, our experienced plastic surgeons are often able to lift breasts without breast implants and with minimal visible scarring.

While some breast lift procedures leave significant scarring, the technique used by board-certified plastic surgeon Ari Krau, MD is designed to leave less scarring and longer-lasting results. This procedure is currently superior to other surgical breast treatments such as breast implants.

Because the Bellesoma breast lift is performed with new breast tubercles created and sutured to the chest wall, and without implants or synthetic materials, results will last longer than with a traditional breast lift*. The Bellesoma method reduces scars and gives breasts a nice and vibrant shape that lasts longer.

The Bellesoma breast reduction technique completely eliminates the vertical incision, which means that you will also not have vertical scars. Positioning eliminates the need for unsightly vertical chest scars*. The entire chest is moved higher on the chest, above the crease.

A separate incision will be made above the breast hillock, where the areola-nipple complex will be located. All incisions are hidden around the breast crease and areola, which merge and disappear naturally. The horizontal incision around the areola and in the breast crease remains hidden when the incision becomes a scar.

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In all cases, incisions are made and closed with extreme precision to minimize the visibility of the scar. Each procedure under the knife will have an incision and, in turn, will leave a scar. However, an unfortunate side effect of many of these procedures is scarring. Regardless of the type of incision, patients who develop keloids or thick scars should still pay attention to this procedure, as it is basically skin and breast shaping and fitting procedure.

The surgeon then sterilizes part of the breast skin and makes a small incision of 1 to 2 millimeters. Instead of making an incision around the breast, the surgeon uses an electrical device to burn off the fat cells and skin that you choose to remove.

During the operation, the surgeon makes a horizontal incision below the breast crease and above the areola. Create will also increase the volume of the patient’s upper breast without the use of implants*. It shapes and firms the breasts without leaving unsightly scars.

A surgical bra will help minimize bruising and swelling and provide good stabilization of the breast in its final position. The traditional breast lift requires an additional incision across the entire breast crease and its benefits are generally less favorable than those we can get with a vertical breast lift.

Circumareolar breast lift can improve the appearance of slightly ptotic breasts and leave little or no visible scarring; however, a nipple lift is limited to no more than 2 cm and the procedure often does not create a very lively breast as it is actually breast tissue that is being lifted. An inverted T-lift may repackage breast tissue for a more vibrant appearance, but a scar is an anchor configuration on the breast.

Dr. Hofflin uses a special fat sculpting technique that reduces breasts without the visible scars left by traditional breast reduction surgery. You will have much less scarring than traditional breast reduction surgery, but we still want to help you make it less visible. A scarless breast augmentation is also an option if you want your breasts to have a youthful, toned contour. Clinical data shows that more and more patients prefer scarless breast augmentation because it does not rely on a scalpel.

Regardless of the technique used, the good news is that breast augmentation scars fade over time and can usually be hidden by most types of underwear and swimwear. While it is helpful to consider issues such as scarring when preparing for surgery, we recommend that you consider other important factors, such as the improvement in breast lift and shape you can expect.

In this section, I’ll explain the different types of breast lift cuts and share tips to help heal scars quickly and beautifully. I may have been lying when I said breast augmentation is not possible without an incision, as technology is released year after year to completely remove scars or perform surgery using artificial intelligence.

Everyone heals differently, but it’s important to know that you may have a small residual scar on your chest. Pulling on the breast skin increases the likelihood that scars will become more visible because they have not yet healed.

Part of the problem is that breast tissue ligaments are wired differently than facial ligaments, so you may not get the same results from a breast lift as you would with facial skin. Instead, the treated skin around the breasts may appear firmer and softer to the touch.

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